Vancouver B.C.
Actor, Model, Stand in, Stunt, SAE Driver, BG.

Agency: Picobello Talent Inc.

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Height: 5' 6"

Weight: 150

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Hazel

As a UBCP/ ACTRA / SAG Eligible Full Union Member I have achieved years of professional training with experience as a Actor, Model, Light Stunt, Stand-In, Skill driving with Rick Pearce, Firearms on set safety course, Combat Knife Technique for the Performer with Braun McAsh. As an Actor, Model, Commercial, Music Videos, Hand Modelling, Stand-in and Background for more than 8 years in Movies, TV Series, Commercial and Voice over. I have more than 4 acting credits and working toward achieving more credits as i built my acting portfolio. I am honest, reliable, hardworking and a good listener and follow instructions on set. I know my protocol and my responsibility when i am working on set with professional work ethics.You can access my
Demo at


A c t o r

Dialect : Middle Eastern, New Yorker/Italian, Latino, East Indian, Farsi.

D.O.B. 12/ 26/ 1964 Background Persian Eyes Hazel Weight 145 lbs Hair Brown Height 5”6”

E-Mail; Cell: (604) 518-8746

Current Achievements Film

Film Character Director/Production
. Love You (Music Video). Supporting Lead Jacob
. Mystic Continent (Video Game) Lead Yutong Gu
• Sky to Sea Gondola. Principal Opal Marketing Group Inc.
• Beautiful Cake . Principal . Brian McWha
• The Star of Therapy Principal Bryce Iwaschuk
• Influenza Vaccine Supporting Lead Antony Packer
• Child Bride Supporting Lead Mostafa Keshvari
• Piccolo (Music video). Principal. Shiraz ( Made you look media)
. Project Neighbours. Principal. Andrew Becker
• Linger music video Lead Ethan Johnson


• Animal Control Principal Molly McGlynn
• Hunt for Love. Principal. Kevin Fair
. Riverdale Season 6 Principal Gabriel Correa

Special Skills

• Imaginary Mary Special Skills . Shawn Levy
• The Mysterious Benedict society Special Skills James Bobin
• Fifty Shades Darker Stunt James Foley
• Colony Season 3 Special Skills Juan Jose


• Michael Kostroff Film/TV Audition
• Neil LaBute Audition
• JJ Ogilvy Acting workshop
• Anne Marie DeLuise Acting Workshop
• Andrew Macroy Acting and audition workshop
• Jackie Lind Audition workshop
. Murdine Hirsch & Deborah Barnes Commercial Workshop 1/2/3.
. Rick Pearce. Completed SAE Driving Course
. Barun McAsh. Combat Knife Technique for Performer

Key Skills Commercial Driver license, Stunt, Swimming, Handguns, Bartending, Waiter.

Music Waltz, Hip Hop, Club Dancing, Disco
Film & Television
Treasure buddies
BMW advertisement
Mission Impossible
50/50 (patient)
Original Sins
Minority Report
50 shades of darker (Taxi Driver) (SAE) (Sp Stunt)
Zoo (Taxi Driver) (SAE)
When we Rise
Maze Runner
Marinda Rights
Prision Break
Shut Eye (SAE) (White Tony Thug)(picture cast)
Waywards Pine (Patient)
Mech-X-4 (Paparazzi)
Travellers (FBI, CIA Agent)
Status Update
"Woody Woodpecker"
Straight A's To XXX
Lucifer (Nefarious 1) (Mob Boss)(Actor Credit)
Death Note ( Car Rental)
Haters back off (Marinda Sings)
Once upon a time
Washer (Taxi Driver) (SAE)
Live Like Line
Ice (Actor) Diamond Carrier (Quatri Henchmen)
Women on the Run
Let the right one in
No Tomorrow
Riverdale ( Car Rental, FBI)
Pop Star
Cop and a half
DC Legends of Tomorrow
Supergirl (Car Rental)
Christmas to Remember
Girlfriend Guide to Divorce (Hotel Manager,SunyBon
Imaginary Mary (SAE) (Uber Driver)
Campfire Kisses
I ZOMBIE ( Health aid worker)
Dead over Heels
Final Vision
Pinch of love
Woman on the Run
Everything Everyting
The Romeo Selection season 2
Big Fat liar 2
Mistletoe Promise
The Arrangement Season 1 (Paparazzi)
The Mountain between us
Manandez brother (Jury)
Somewhere Between
Reverie (Hotel Manager)
Mr. Fantastic (Principal ) (Bolivian man 50) (ULB)
Date My Dad
Series of Unfortunate Events ( School Teacher)
Phone Booth (Principal ) (ULB)
Wedding March 2
Game over Man (paparazzi)
Darrow & Darrow ( Jury/Lawyer)
Psych- The Movie D1/17 Episode (Scientists)
Better Things
Hit The Road
Sign Seal and Delivered
Altered Carbon
Bramble House Christmas
Summer of '84'
Footsie (student movie)
Magician (Sheikh Arab) S3
Four Christmases and a wedding
Dirk Gently
Deadpool 2 (car rental)
Supergirl season 3
Once upon a time season 3
Coming Home for Christmas
Six (Imam priest) (Principal )
Crossing S1
Arageement season 2
Eggplant Emoji
Untitled Robert Zemeckis Project 1
Colony Season S3
Sirens S1
Untitled Simone Biles Movie
Our Christmas Miracle
A Dogs Way Home
Christmas at Holly Lodgeakaevergreen Inn
Izombie S4
The Flash S4
Eggplant Emoji
Mistletoe Inn
Ice S-2
Riverdale S-2
Once upon a time season - 2
Deadpool 2
The Exorcist
Deadly Class
Simmon Biles untitled story
Fast lane
Royal wedding
End of the world as we know it (Set deck crew)
Take Two
Colony Season 3 (SAE /Stunt Cab Driver)
Chilling Adventure of Sabrina (Teacher)
The valley of the Boom
Beautiful cake (principal) (Policeman)Inde(IMDB)
Unfortunat Events season 3 (Fire Marshall)
Take Two (Paparazzi)
The Star of Therapy (Gordon) (Principal)Inde(IMDB)
One Journey (Principal) IMDB INDE
Sky to sea groundla squamish (Model)
The Black Renegades music video (IMDB)
The Art of Racing in the Rain ( Proffesor)
The Order season 1
Sacred Lies
Trial & Error Season 2
Gabby Duran (Teacher)
Supergirl Season 4
The Magician Season 4
Unspeakable (Government officials)
Timmy Failure
Wu Assassin
Twilight zone pilot
Project AM IMMUNIZE commercial (Supporting Lead
Victoria Gotti Story (Thug) (Stunt)
Snowpericer (First class passenger)
Chucky the horror film remake
Chronicles Mysteries 3
Gingerbread Romance
Gabby Duran and the Unsittables (Teacher)
A Million little things
Child's Play
Time for me to come home
Arrow season 7
The Flash Season 5
ISMAIL (Detective) (Principal)
Limetown oldschooler
Child Bride (Husband) (supporting Lead ) INDE
Morning Show Mystery
Perfect Picture
Twilight Zone
Harry and Megan 2
Alerted Carbon season 2
Picture Perfect Mysteries
Siren season 3
Cinderella Christmas
Aurora 12
Heart of Texas (Vendor)
Blue Book Project (FBI agent)
Kidnapped: The Kamiyah Mobley Story ( Media)
Get shorty (Cab Driver)
Magician Season 3
Good Doctor season 3 (Doctor)
To all the boys I loved before 3 (Teacher)(Taxi Dr
The Main Event ( Wrestling Judge)
A Gift to Cherish ( Ballroom Dancer)
You light up my Christmas
Godwinks Christmas
Nancy Drew
Operation Varsity blues
Ruby Herring Mysteries: Her last Breath
Omens (Doctor) (Orderly)
The Haunting of Bly Manor
Supergirl Season 5
A Babysitter guide to Monster Hunting
Blue Book 2 North Project (Technician)
Flash season 6
Batwomen (Photographer) (Specific)
Away ( NASA Scientist )
Christmas on my Mind
DC Legends of Tomorrow season 5 (French Revolutio)
Marvel Helstrom
Subject to change
Charmed (Picture Cast)
Radio Nowhere
La Brea?
Twilight Zone (Specific smoker)
Matchmaker 2
When time got louder
Love is a piece of cake (Picture cast pastry Chef)
Chateau Christmas
Timeless Christmas (Floor Dancer)
Kung Fu
Big Sky
Light Love Hanukkah
Mighty Ducks
Good Doctor season 4 (Doctor)
Home before Dark
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
The untitled Anna story
Superman and Louis season 1
Haxagon Space Force(Management)
Harry and Meghan (Press)
Scriptures (Driver)
We need a truck Abbotsford Chrysler (Zombie)
Snowball Effect (INDE) supporting Lead Dr.Stanford
DC Legends season 6
Inkbolt (Vendor)
Good Doctor season 5 (Doctor)
Linger (Music Video) (Lead)
Superman & Louis season 2
Five More Minutes
"Christmas Bridesmaids"
Time for them to come home for Christmas
Riverdale season 6 ( FBI Agent)
Christmas stand in
Riverdale Season 6 (Teacher)
Cut Colour Murder
Wrath (Police officer)
Riverdale Season 6 (Actor) (Guinness world Audijac
The Last Airbender Avatar EP4 ( Royal Advisor)
Kung Fu Season 2
Blockbuster season 1( Clown)
Snowpericer Season 4 (First class passenger)
Riche Brothers Auctioneer (Office Worker)
Piccolo bbno$ music video (Principal)(Judge)
Pinky (Picture cast Floor Manager)
He is not worth dying for (court clerk)
The Night Agent ( White house Advisor)
The fall of the house of Ushers!
Project Neighbours Principal ( Hair Clipper Guy)
Peak Season
A watchful eye (aka Graybone)(MASQUERADE)
Shining Bright (Sommelier)
Good Doctor Season 6 (Doctor)
Wilderness (cafe Patron)
Cruel Summer season 2
Law and order
Manny for Christmas
Yellowjacket (Teacher)(Acolyte/Yoga)
The Power
Beyond Capture (Mobcap simulation Session)
Spiderwick Chronicle
Kung Fu Season 3
The straight man (Administration)
Percy Jackson ( Mink Gold) (High Roller)
The Never Game
Sweeter Than Chocolate Christmas
Nancy Drew
"COMM" (Captain PHDBL photo Double) Sea1
So help me Todd
The Irrational (Lawyer)
3Beds,Two Baths,1Ghost
Nice Indian Boy
Murdaugh Murders
Wild Cards
Bearded Girl (Nocturna) ( Clown)
Dial S for Santa
Sight Unseen (High End Guest)
Mystery of Mistletoe Lane
One Day This Kid (Principal)(Steam room guy2)
Betty's Bad luck in Love
Hunt for love ( Antique Shopper Actor) (Principal)
Mystic Continent video game (Lead)
An Easter Bloom
Alert (S2)
Fire Country
Animal Control (SAE Actor Principal) ( Magician)
So Help me Todd SE2
Superman And Louise SE 4
Death is listening ( Private Investigator)
Monkey ( Mourner)
Good Doctor Season 7
Family Law
Happy Face (Film Crew)
Christmas Crasher
The Irrational
SAE in Commercial Driving.
Background Extra
Stand In
FBI and CIA Agent
Body Double
Still Shoot
Roller Blade,Becyling, (Courier)
Soccer,Cricket,Batminton,Tennis,Body building etc
Photo Double
Voice Over
Hotel Manager
Casino Dealer
Skills and Interests

I have a commercial driver class 5, class 6 motorcycle with airbrakes CDL so i can drive Bus, Car, Truck, TukTuk manual shift and auto commercial driver, Limo,Taxi and car ,Motorcycle. I would like to peruse my career in Actor, Stand In, Modelings, Body Double, Picture Cast, Type Cast, Stunt, Background performer, and use my special skills as a precision driving SAE if necessary. I have interest in voice over if the opportunity comes available. I am good in sports like soccer, tennis, cricket, badminton and pin pong. Outdoor sports like Rollerblade, bicycling, swimming, track.