Surrey British Columbia Canada
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Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 200 lbs

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Blue

Thanks for checking out my profile. I have a good supply of wardrobe including jeans, casual, tuxedos, business suits. Many accessories including ties ,hats, dress shoes, cowboy boots, kevlar vest, and cargo pants.
My hair is salt and pepper and I can either go with or without facial hair depending on what is required.
I have played a variety of roles as listed below. I am willing to work wherever the work takes me, even out of town with sufficient notice.( I am fully vaccinated from covid 19)

SAE- Police Officer, Detective ,Truck Driver, Tow truck Driver, Heavy Equipment Operator.

Feel free to contact my agent at Mint Talent

Let's Get working.

Film & Television
The Crossing- Episode-106 (Diner Patron)
Riverdale - Episode - 211 ( Fairgoer )
The Good Doctor ( Driver with car )
The X Files - Episode - 205 (Detective)
SUPERGIRL - Episode - 315 ( Bar Patron )
A Million Little Things (Spectator )
The Good Doctor - Episode - 106 (Passerby with car
It's Christmas Eve - (Townsfolk)
The Good Doctor ( With Car)
The X Files - Episode - 205 ( Detective )
Trial @ Error - (Bar Patron)
Deadly Class - Episode - 104
The X Files - Episode - 205 ( Detective )
Salvation - Episode - 204
The Good Doctor - Episode - 207
Dogs way home
Salvation - Episode - 201
The Detour
Riverdale - Episode - 211 ( Fairgoer )
Salvation - Episode - 209
Siren -Episode -310 (Victim - Patient )
Big Sky ( trucker)
Siren - Episode - 310 ( Patient )
Hello Goodbye ( Spectator)
InkBlot ( Vendor )
RadioNowhere (The Stand ) Sp1
Scriptures ( Town Folk )
Superman@lois ( Townflok )
The Big Sky (Trucker )
Scriptures ( Lawyer )
Superman@Lois ( BarPatron )
The Good Doctor ( Security )
Superman @ Lois ( Funeral Attendee Town Folk)
Superman@Lois ( Townfollk with car )
Riverdale ( Biker - Serpent Gang )
Good Doctor ( Security Guard )
Fire Country (Ep 112 )
DC Legends ( Cowboy )
FireFly Lane
Virgin River S5
Crate Escape ( Prisoner )
Blockbuster S1 (Mall Patron With Car )
Alaska Daily
Mink Golden (ep106)
Superman @ Lois
Good Doctor (Ep 602-619 )
So Help M\e Todd ( S1 )
Police Academy (For Armoured Car)
Certificate of Compleation
Justice Institute Of B.C
Paramedic Academy (Professional Health Programs)
Certificate Of Achievement
Justice Institute Of B.C
FireArms Licence (Possession - Acquisition- P.A.L)
Chief Firearms Officer of B.C
Authority of the firearms Act, Statutes of Canada
Heavy Equipment Operator
Certificate, Corp of the City of Ottawa
Ottawa Ontario Canada
BPCPA ( Consumer Protection)
British Columbia
Skills and Interests

Heavy equipment operator
Armoured Car Guard & Driver
Handling Firearms
Yard Supervisor for Western Star Trucks
Forklift Operator
5-Ton Operator
Tow Truck Driver

Interests: Law enforcement , Acting , Movies , Motorcycle's & Cars, Firearms , Medieval Swords , Egyptian Mythology, Sci-Fi, the history of the mafia, Interest in Paranormal.

Sports interests: enjoy watching CFL, used to play rugby in high school, watching wrestling and former weightlifter.

The above are jobs I have held and can easily portray. I am interested in doing background scenes or speaking parts.