Jenny Hill
Actor, Photo Double, Stand In, SAE, Background

Agency: ShowBiz Management

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Height: 5' 5"

Weight: 150

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

I was born and raised in Vancouver and my background is multi-cultural. I am adaptable, reliable and open to opportunities. I am a fast learner who takes direction well and I also have a high level of physical coordination. I have my Firearms license (restricted and non restricted), experienced horseback rider, cyclist + runner + own an activewear business. **I have a 15 year old daughter, who also works with me and is on Agencyclick.
Film & Television
Beverly Hills 90210 - Picture Cast Party Patron
Twilight Zone - Pedestrian
Mighty Ducks - Hockey parent
The Whole Shebang - Picture Cast Devotee
21 Jump Street - Dancer
Family Law - Mom with Daughter cafe patrons
Riverdale - Picture Cast Construction Worker
One of Us in Lying - Driver with car
Riverdale - Boxing Fight Patron
Proctor & Gamble Commercial - Olympic Official
Neighbour In The Window - Court Spectator
Hallmark - Wedding Patron
Super Natural - Featured Steam Punk Fight Patron
Riverdale - Picture Cast Worker at Archie’s house
Hallmark - Outdoorsy Party Goer
Arrow - Vigil Folk
Supergirl - Upscale restaurant patron
Hallmark Never Brides - Wedding Guest
Woman On The Edge - Prisoner
Riverdale - Picture Cast at Andrew’s Construction
Hallmark Chasing Waterfalls - Party Patron
Resident Alien - Biker Bar Patron
Virgin River - Biker Bar Patron
Hallmark Christmas Waltz - Gala Folk
The Now - Prison Visitor
Julie & The Phantoms - Hollywood Pedestrian
Hallmark Timeless Christmas - Gala Folk
Marvel "Omens" - Mental patient
A Million Little Things - Shopper/Pedestrian
HM Never Kiss a Man in an xmas Sweater - Town Folk
Hallmark Cats & Dogs 3 - Patron
Nancy Drew - Passerby
Hallmark The Charm Bracelet - NY Shopper
Hallmark Breaking The Ice - Fashion Mag Employee
UGKP - Driver
Hallmark Glenbrooke Christmas - Townsfolk
Love Hard - Restaurant Patron
Turner + Hooch2 - NYC Sniper small stunt Scene
Hallmark - My German Shepherd + Park Goer's
Psych; This is Gus - Police Officer
A Million Little Things-Shopper with teen daughter
Virgin River-Patron with my 15 year old daughter
Madeline - Venture Cap Guest
Virgin River - Jack's Bar Patron - Continuity
Mother - Suburban Parent - Continuity
Focal Point Visual Art
International Sommelier Guild
Restricted and Unrestricted Firearms
St. John's Ambulance
Justice Institute Mediation
Whistler Gran Fondo
Vancouver School Board
North South Travel Agency
Langara Fine Arts
Women’s Hospital Photographer
Hill Asset Management Inc.
Zyia Activewear Boutique Owner
Skills and Interests

Peloton/biker/runner/Horseback rider
15 year old daughter who can work with me
Activewear Business Owner
Firearms license (restricted and non restricted)
Driver (I have a white Mercedes SUV)
Dog Lover (Socialized German Shepherd and a Havanese Poodle)