Evangelos Kartsonas
Vancouver BC
Background, Continuity Roles, Apprentice Member

Agency: Picobello Talent Inc.

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Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 190lbs

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

My look is very culturally ambiguous with Greek, Italian, Turkish, Iberian, and Ashkenazi Jewish roots as well.

I developed a passion for being on stage while making costumes (self-taught) and developing skills on how to apply theatre make-up. Now my drive is to be a background actor and expand that instinct into eventually being a principal actor. My experience in canine training and handling is from previously being a veterinary tech for seven years. This was after being a Nursing Unit Clerk for fifteen years. Since cooking was a hobby I obtained a degree in French Culinary Arts and worked in the field while living abroad in Athens, Greece. I do speak English and Greek fluently. That said, Being a horticulturist is one of the things that relaxes me the most, and the runner-up is collecting antiques and vintage items. Though I have not been in a while, I do enjoy horseback riding (English saddle) when I can.
Film & Television
The Unforgivable (film -2020)
- Lawyer in Lobby / Passerby
Director Nora Fingscheidt
Twilight Zone - Season 2
- Audition Judge
Director Ana Lily Amirpour
The Big Sky - Season 1
- Bar Patron, Townsfolk
Director Jennifer Lynch
Solitary (2020)
- Nursing Staff
Director Nate Parker
A Sugar and Spice Holiday (2020)
- Townsfolk
Director Jennifer Liao
Mysterious Benedict Society - Season 1
- Teacher - (CONTINUITY)
Directors K. Kusama, W. Stanzler, G.Winter
Motherland Fort Salem - Season 2
- Citizen at Memorial
Director Amanda Tapping
Mystery 101 - Hallmark #6 (2020)
- Alumni at Party
Director Blair Hayes
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist -Season 2
- Dentist at Hotel Lounge - (FEATURED)
Director John Terlesky
Mighty Ducks - Season 1
- Spectator At Game
Director Michael Spiller
Superman & Lois - Season 1
- Townsfolk
Director Lee Toland Krieger
The Big Sky - Season 1
- Storefront Passerbay
Director Paul McGuigan
The Good Doctor - Season 4 EP09
- Patient in ER
Director Mike Listo
The Good Doctor - Season 4 EP10
- Patient in Lounge
Director Freddie Highmore
Superman & Lois - Season 1
- Restaurant Patron
Director James Bamford
Legends of Tomorrow - Season 6
- Western Townsfolk - (CONTINUITY)
Director David Ramsey
Turner and Hooch - Season 1
- Arrested Bandit - (FEATURED)
Director Ali LeRoi
Aurora Teagarden Mysteries - (2021)
- Wedding Guest
Director Martin Wood
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist - Season 2
- Uber Driver
Director John Terlesky
National Parks- Pilot (2021)
- Tourist
Director Anthony Hemingway
Mystery 101 - Hallmark #7 (2021)
- Professor, Passerby
Director: Stacey Harding
Wedding March 6 - Hallmark (2021)
- Cameraman
Director: David Weaver
A Christmas Proposal (CBS) (2021)
- Guest at Theatre and Gala Event
Director Martin Wood
Christmas Takes Flight - (CBS) (2021)
- Townsfolk
Director Michael Robison
Ivy and Bean - TV Movie (2021)
- Parent
Director Elissa Down
Breathe - (TV series) 2021
- Bar Patron
Director Mayank Sharma
Family Law - (TV series) 2021
- Cocktail Party Attendee
Batwoman Season 3
- Event Staff Facilitator - (CONTINUITY)
Directors Holly Dale, Greg Beeman
Madeline - Season 1
- Restaurant Patron
Directors Sam Miller, Kevin Sullivan
An Unexpected Christmas (2021)
- Hotdog Vendor - (FEATURED)
Director Michael Robinson
Grendel / Inkblot - Season 1
- Teddy's Heavy - (SAE / ACTOR CREDIT)
Director Rachel Goldberg
Shogun - Season 1
- Portuguese Sailor - (CONTINUITY)
Jonathan van Tulleken, Charlotte Brändström
Good Doctor - Season 5
- Doctor
Director Sarah Wayne Callies
Eight Gifts of Hanukkah (Hallmark) 2021
- Ball Guest/Volunteer
Director Mark Jean
Firefly Lane Season 2
- Farmer's Market Shopper, 1976, 1985, 2004
Director Katina Medina Mora
Nancy Drew - Season 3
- Archery Club Patron
Director Jesse Ellis
Resident Alien - Season 2
- Townsfolk
Director Warren Sonoda
Under Wraps 2 (film 2022)
- Halloween party guest - (CONTINUITY)
Director Alex Zamm
Motherland Fort Salem - Season 3
- Passerby
Directors David Frazee, Shannon Kohli
The Night Agent Season 1 (2022)
- Onlooker
Director Seth Gordon
So Help Me Todd
- Airport Worker /Farmer's Market Patron
Director Amy York Rubin
Cal Fire - Pilot (2022)
- Farmer / Inmate
Director James Strong
Early Edition - Pilot (2022)
- Ground Crew at Hangar
Director Eric Dean Seaton
Charmed Season 4 (2022)
- Demon Bar Patron
Director Kevin Dowling
Snowpiercer Season 4 (2022)
- Tailie , Contunuity
Directors Christoph Schrewe, Leslie Hope
Superman & Lois Season 2
- Smallviller / Townsfolk
Director Gregory Smith
Amish Uncovered
- Amish male
Director Michael Nankin
The Fall of The House of Usher
- Event Attendee, Funeral Goer
Directors Michael Fimognari, Mike Flanagan
The Irrational - Pilot
- Curious Onlooker at Crime Scene
Director David Frankel
Fire Country - Season 1
- Patient
Director Dermott Downs
So Help Me Todd - Season 1
- Courtroom Spectator, Juror
Director Michael Spiller, Ali LeRoi
Time For Him To Come Home For Christmas (Hallmark)
- Christmas Shopper
Director David Winning
Career Opportunities in Murder & Mayhem S1
- Ship Passenger - (CONTINUITY)
Directors David Petraca, Alrick Riley, Dinh Thal
Family Law (Canada) Season 3
- Restaurant Patron
Director Alysse Leite-Rogers
Alaska Daily
- Fishing Dock Worker / Gala Elite
Director Tom McCarthy
Upload (Luddwig) - Season 3
- 2bit avatar / construction worker
Director Tom Marshall
Spread - TV Movie
- Party Guest
Director Ellie Kanner
The Flash Season 9
- Surviving Citizen - (ACTOR CREDIT)
Director Vanessa Parise
The Spiderwick Chronicles
- Furniture Mover, Sleeping Body - (SAE)
Director Kat Coiro, Mo Marable
Nancy Drew - Season 4 EP8,
- Security Guard at Yacht Club
Director Larry Teng
Vindicta (Paramount )
- Homeless Guy
Director Sean McNamara
Percy Jackson - Mink Golden EP6
- Casio Staff / Bar
Director Jet Wilkinson
Dead Boy Detectives - Season 1
- Butcher Shop Patron
Director Lee Toland Krieger
Joy Ride - Film 2023
- Restaurant Patron
Director Adele Lim
Calamity Jane - Movie of The Week
- Town Folk (Saloon)
Director Terry Miles
The Irrational - Season 1
- Gambler / Hotel Guest
Director Jesse Warn
Murdaugh Murders - TV Mini Series
- Courtroom Attendee
Director Greg Beeman
Holiday Road - Hallmark
- Karl's Team (Mechanics)
Director Martin Wood
Magic In Mistletoe - Hallmark
- Gala Guest
Director Paula Elle
Hatch - 2023 (ULB-Short Film)
- Construction Worker
Director Alireza Kazemipor, Panta Mosleh
Rupture - 2023 (ULB-Short Film)
- Patient in ER Hallway
Director Ariel Bond
Animal Control - Season 2
- Diner Patron, Hockey Fan
Director R. Greenberg, B. Fisher, Molly McGlynn
So Help Me Todd - Season 2
- Client, Opera Attendee
Director Nancy Hower, Scott Prendergast
Alert - Season 2
- Boxing Trainer
Director Robert Duncan McNeill
Good Doctor Season 7
- Restaurant Patron, FDA Passerby
Director Dave Shore Andy Mikita
The Recruit
- Passerby/ Restaurant Patron
Director Jessica Yu
Tracker - Season 1
- Black Tie Event Goer
Director Ken Olin
One Bad Apple - A Hannah Swenson Mystery
- Professor at School
Director Shannon Kohli
Final Destination 6
- Sky View Patron
Director Zach Lipovsky
Family Law Season 4
- Gallery Attendee
Directors David Frazee, Alysse Leite-Rogers
Motion Picture Safety 101
WHMIS 2015
Safe Sets International Covid-19 Cert.
Skills and Interests

I speak Greek fluently.
Degree in French Culinary Arts (worked for 7 years)
Diploma as a Veterinary Assistant/Tech (worked for 7 years)
Certified as a Nursing Unit Clerk (worked for 15 years)