Vancouver, BC
Actor/Background Performer

Agency: Twins Plus Talent

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Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 220

Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Brown

Born in Yellowknife, NT, Canada, Gregg spent his formative years growing up in small towns in Alberta. Joining the military reserves at 17 and then the regular force at 24, allowed him the unique opportunity to travel from coast to coast meeting fellow Canadians of all varieties.

In 2006, having spent close to a decade in the army, Gregg opted to leave the army and settle in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia to pursue studies in computer science. Upon graduation from his diploma, he had the chance to participate as an extra for a made for TV movie filmed at his campus; Gregg fell in love with the TV/Film industry.

In his spare time, Gregg enjoys weight training, hiking, mountain biking, and most of all snowboarding.
Stunt-Actor (class)
ACT Vancouver
Patrick Sabongui
Stunt-Actor Auditioning Workshop
ACT Vancouver
w/ Geust: Sean Cossey
Intro to Focus
ACT Vancouver
Patrick Sabongui/Kyra Zagorsky
Intermiediate Acting
Chameleon Studio
Robin Douglas
Commercial Workshop
School Creative
Pamela Wise - Vancouver
Intoduction to Scene Study & Film
Austin Tuck Studios
First year - Bachelor of Fine Arts
Keyano College
Coat: 48
Neck 18
Waist: 36-38
Inseam: 32
Sleeve: 32
Shoe Size: 10
Upper Back: tribal
Left shoulder: tribal
Left forearm: Libra symbol
Right forearm: Skull and crossbones
Chest: Egyptian eye
Left wrist: script/band
Left earlobe (removable)
Skills and Interests

Safe weapons handling and experience.PAL/RPAL

Experience with Canadian C6, C7, C8, C9, 50 Caliber machine guns. (Loose American equivalents are FN MAG, M16 series, AR15 series, FN Minimi, 50 Caliber respectively)
Other weapon experience: pistol (Semi-automatic & Revolver), M72 LAW, Carl Gustav (M2CG) rocket launcher, M19 Mortar, 105 mm Howitzer.

Other military skills: unarmed combat, field medic skills.

Other Skills: class 1 driver's license, front end loader, boom lift.

Advanced level snowboarder