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Your Advantage Upgrade includes:

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The new industry standard for performer portfolios. Agencyclick gives you simple, powerful tools to make your online photo albums available to agents and casting pros.

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Our drag-and-drop resume builder is a fast, convenient way to keep track of on-set credits, ongoing education, training and achievements.

Priority Search Placement

All Advantage listings appear before Agencyclick basic listings when Agents and Casting Pros search for talent.

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Agencyclick Advantage Members Agencyclick Advantage Members
Agencyclick Advantage Members Agencyclick Advantage Members

Multiple Photo Albums

Create one album or many - it's totally up to you.

Creating The Perfect Portfolio

A portfolio that you can manage and easily update is your greatest promotional tool. Use Agencyclick Advantage to quickly upload images and organize them into online photo albums.

Your portfolio of photos is an important element of your hosted web profile. Casting directors and agents get an in-depth look at the unique looks, wardrobe and skills that make you stand out from the crowd.

Advantage Profile

Your photo portfolio and resume together form your Advantage Profile, a unique URL (eg. https://agencyclick.com/yournamehere) that is yours to share and promote as a personal webpage.

Upgrading is affordable and easy - just log into your Agencyclick account and click on any of the upgrade links.

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Perfect Resumes

Finally - an online resume builder that's easy to use. As a performer you know the importance of ongoing training, workshops and on-set experience. Now you can update that experience and training without being a rocket scientist. Each public profile contains an online resume that looks great on the web, and will soon be downloadable as a printable PDF you will be able to distrbute to whomever you please.

Together your Portfolio combined with your resume make up your Agencyclick Advantage Profile.