Basic Account

Every basic account includes a real-time availability calendar. Your agent will always know the minute you are ready and able to work.

Screenshot of availability calendar

Your Agencyclick basic account includes one primary photo that may only be edited by your agent. Upgrade to Advantage today - it's a perfect way to get online without the need for expensive computer programs and technical expertise.

Advantage Account

Your Agencyclick Advantage account includes:

  • priority search placement
  • online photo editor
  • fast, drag-and-drop online resume builder
  • your own personalized web address, eg.
  • upgrading is affordable and easy - just log into your Agencyclick account and click on any of the upgrade links
Agencyclick Photo Portfolio Builder

Agencyclick Advantage is the fastest way to build a professional online portfolio. Why struggle with complicated photo and document applications? Simply upload, edit and group your photos into as many albums as you need. And our drag-and-drop resume builder makes it easy to keep your on-set credits up-to-date for every audition.


Agencyclick is designed to make it easy for performers, models and artists to create and publish a professional photo portfolio and resume for consideration by casting professionals, producers and recruiters.

The Agencyclick Advantage upgrade is an affordable way to manage and present a professional portfolio to industry decision makers. Get a head start on the competition - login and click any one of the upgrade links to get your Advantage membership today!

Growing Talent Pool

Casting pros are searching for talent on Agencyclick every day - make it easy for them to find you!

Use our state-of-the-art web tools to build a modern, sleek photo portfolio and resume in record time.