Casting Directors, Event Managers, Producers and Recruiters

Agencyclick Tools
Connect, cast, confirm. It's easy!

1. Connect - login, browse agency rosters, search our database or simply choose from agency suggested talent with one click

2. Cast - make a casting request and broadcast it instantly to any agent in the system

3. Confirm - view suggestions, select performers then see at a glance if your selections are confirmed for the gig

You're casting a commercial photo shoot or a feature film, hiring presenters for a trade show or need a video editor - fast!... you find the right talent, but are they available when you need them? Agencyclick's simple and powerful tools show at a glance who's available to work right now.

Casting professional accounts are always free. A casting account will give you full access to multiple agency rosters and upgraded performer portfolios with multiple photos and detailed resumes.

Browse or Power Search
Quickly browse preset categories or Power Search by physical charactersitics -- in both cases your result list instantly displays performer availability.

Casting Requests
Broadcast your casting request to all listed Agencies or notify specific target agencies. All Agencyclick casting requests can be easily managed and tracked from from your online dashboard.

Are you an accredited casting director, producer or event manager? Contact us for details on how to obtain an Agencyclick account by clicking the 'support' tab on the left hand side of the screen.

Agencyclick... behind the scenes

Agencyclick is a web-application like no other..designed from the ground up to connect casting pros and producers in a truly collaborative process.

Agencyclick evolved from the ground-breaking site we originally developed in 2000. As the web evolved, we kept pace with cool new productivity-enhancing features like the real-time availability calendar.

The next steps in the evolution? Agencyclick now features our built-in Casting Request message system. And stay tuned for even cooler tools to get performers in the loop: an online, realtime resume builder and photo portfolio editor..coming soon!

The Agencyclick Mission

"Provide easy-to-use tools that allow performers and their agents to connect with casting pros, producers, event managers and recruiters worldwide."