Vancouver/Fraser Valley
Actor and Background Performer

Agency: Local Color

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 182

Eyes: Blue

Background performance experience in a broad variety of roles for film, TV and commercial. Plus some experience in small roles in a couple of community plays and student films. Have taken some part-time classes in beginner and intermediate acting.
Stage & Film Combat - Introductory level
Thomas Potter
Blood & Iron Studio
Intermed Acting (Monologues)
Robin Douglas
Cameleon Studio
Intermed Acting (Scene study/Text analysis)
Robin Douglas
Cameleon Studio
The Audition Workout
Delores Drake
Cameleon Studio
Beginner Acting
Robin Douglas
Cameleon Studio
American Dialect Workshop Intro (one day)
Tony Alcantar
Emily Carr College 1985
Skills and Interests

Firearms Licence for non-restricted and restricted (PAL). Avid gardener, baker, canner and actor/background performer. Recently in the last few years have taken up hunting in the fall, using a 22 long rifle and a 308 short action rifle.